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History of Urgup

Urgup, today as in ancient times, north-south and east-west connects.The region was called,Assyrians period Katpatuka,classical period Cappadocia. Cappadocia traces of settlement dates back to the years 4000-5000 BC.

In the 6th century BC Lydian kingdom combined with Cappadocia, has been the scene of great civilizations. Cappadocia, came under the rule of at the 521 BC the Persians, BC In 334 BC Alexander the Great. Iskender, was appointed to manage the Capodaccia, one of the commanders.

In the 323 BC , 1.Ariarrathes has established the kingdom of Cappadocia, Urgup has lived its most glorious time in this period. In Urgup ,thirty thousand people lived in this period. The kingdom of Cappadocia, became a Roman province in m.ö.27.The region, persecuted Christians in Jerusalem and Syria, have been places of refuge. Although the pagan persecution of the Roman Empire, Christianity has found development facilities in Ürgüp. Many churches in Urgup, built at 5 century BC. and has been illustrated at 842 AC. by the rise of iconoclasm.

History Of Urgup

history of urgup
history of urgup

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