Cappadocia Private Tours

About Activities

1. Hot-air Balloon


On our flights, well travel anywhere from 2 to 15 miles depending on the wind speed and directions we encounter flying at various altitudes. During the flight the pilot will vary the balloons altitude from tree top level, a height that allows one to reach out and commune with nature, to heights of several thousand feet, where one may look out in a visual sweep, and see much of Cappadocia. Whatever the altitude, lighter-than-air-flight offers a truly unique flying experience.

We collect our passengers from their hotels roughly one hour before sunrise and we bring them to the take-off site. While you are having a light breakfast with tea, coffee and cookies you will also see the inflation of the balloon. Following a safety briefing from your pilot which explains the basic rules about balloon flights, we climb into the baskets and the highlight of your Turkey trip will start.

During the flight we rise to altitudes of several hundred meters to give you a good view of all that there is around, but what we do mostly is drift through the valleys and canyons and around the fairy chimneys, performing contour flying. This sort of balloon flight is possible only in Cappadocia in the whole world. The actual flight time is between 60 to 75 minutes. On landing, we have a traditional celebration party with some champagne and cakes, and we give every passenger a commemorative flight certificate written to their names. Then we bring our guests back to their hotels. The whole excursion takes about 3 hours from pick up to drop off. Therefore if the passengers wish to go on a sightseeing tour during the day, they are back in time to join the tour.

2. Horseback


For those who like to ride horses, Cappadocia is a great place. Hills and valleys with few trees, the landscape is perfect for riding. Make sure you get a good horse and know what you are doing. This is not for beginners. You are free to trot or gallop as you wish. The guide shows the way but every rider is on their own leading their horse. They have a few different options from which to choose.

3. Wheeler (ATV)/Motorcycle


Just as the landscape is good for horses, the motorcycle & ATV enthusiast will enjoy the dirt trails between Göreme and Çavuşin. Unfortunately, for ATVs guided tours are generally the only option as the authorities fear people will drive onto private property and suffer the wrath of local land owners. The problem with guided tours is that the leader (the guide) is the only person who does not get dust in his face the whole time. Regardless, everyone seems to enjoy the time. Cappadocia is a perfect place for ATV riding with a good balance of hills and flats, great scenery, and dirt roads stretching for miles in every direction. I have not seen rental places outside of Göreme so expect to start from there.

4. Hiking


For those who love simple nature and/or on a small budget, Cappadocia offers endless trails for the hiker. Pick a valley, pack a lunch and some water, and go for the day. You will find endless caves and rock climbing opportunities.

5. Bicycling


I met a guy who came a few weeks ago, rented a bike, hit the trails and hills and canyons, found a cave and slept in it for the night. How does that sound to you? If you are this kind of person, Cappadocia is the place to be. If you do not bring your own bike, you can easily find a place to rent one.

6. Turkish Night


All you can eat and drink while watching an array of Turkic/Ottoman folk dances. This usually goes from around 9-11pm. This will be one of the more memorable experiences of your trip.

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